Find Your Core Like Never Before

WundaCore isn't a fad. It's movement for the future. We’re here to connect everyone to their cores. The WundaCore Resistance Ring creates core connection in all bodies, all exercises, all of the time.

Stronger From The Inside Out

Think of the WundaCore Resistance Ring as a substitute for a skilled trainer’s hands that align your position properly and activate muscles you didn’t know existed. The tension loaded ring gives feedback throughout your entire workout - standing, squatting, side lying, curling, rotating, you name it!

The contours follow your body in motion. It has dozens of positions to help you find your core in moves you didn’t even know the core was “working!” Squats? Yep. Tricep dips?  Those too. Leg lifts? All day long. One workout is all it takes to find better results, in less time.