Movement For The Future

Find Your "Little" Muscles

So often, clients start our workouts wondering why the  heck it’s so challenging. It may look oh so simple, but without fail our dozens and dozens of WundaCore testers who come from all walks of life  had their eyes nearly pop out of their heads after trying moves we all  know - like a squat - and for the first time understand how hard the  core should be working to do one. (More than one "OH *@!#!!!" was uttered!) 

We  took in depth study of functional movement - and created supportive  exercise around living, working and playing at your best. Every move we make initiates from a deep core connection - and the 'little' muscles we activate are called stabilizers. That sounds important because it is. We all know how to flex our biceps - but can you even access your transverse abdominus? (or do you even know where that is?) Hint: it’s a  deep layer of your core that wraps from front to back - stabilizing your  hips and spine – and drawing your waistline in. It’s critical to healthy breath, posture, movement and pelvic floor function.

The WundaCore Resistance Ring organizes your body in every movement to easily access and condition those little muscles like you've never done before.