Anatomy For Everyone

Amy Jordan, the inventor behind WundaCore says it best: "Necessity is the mother of invention, and I wondered how I could help clients “feel” the work more, turn on their core, and access their smaller, local muscles without my hands aligning their bodies." Enter the WundaCore Resistance Ring.

The ring of the past is somehow both too wide - and too narrow - at the same time. The WundaCore Resistance Ring is strong but flexible, with curves exactly where you need them to find deep core work in Every. Single. Exercise.

Amy Jordan, Founder & CEO

Our Founder and CEO, Amy Jordan, is a proven creative entrepreneur leading the multi-million dollar WundaBar Pilates studios nationwide. She continues to innovate and push the boundaries in the fitness industry beyond the studio walls with WundaCore and a worldwide, connected wellness community. With the invention of the WundaCore Resistance Ring, Amy says, “I’m reaching across this big, beautiful world to bring anatomy to all. My vision is for everyone to feel amazing and empowered from the inside out.”

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